Our Team


CRIM's highly specialized practitioners collaborate to provide clients with a seamless and integrative plan of care.


Dr. Angela Wicker-Ramos PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

Oncology Physical Therapy, Lymphedema Treatment, and Pelvic Floor Rehab

phone: (737) 237-5656

fax: (737) 237-5657

email: angela@cancerrehabaustin.com



Dr. Mari Galle L.Ac, DACM


phone: (512) 522-6518

fax: (737) 237-5657

email: mari@cancerrahabaustin.com


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Dr. Agnes Nowakowski L.Ac, DACM


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Geri Ruane LMT, OMT, CLT, CPMT



Kimberly Wharton,


Private Yoga Sessions & Group Yoga Classes

phone: (323) 363-3050

fax: (737) 237-5657

email: kbwharton@yahoo.com



Gladys Nicholls PT, CPI

Pilates Instructor

phone: (512) 524-0964

fax: (737) 237-5657

email: gcruznicholls@gmail.com



Dr. Krystle Zuniga PhD, RD, LD

Licensed Dietitian

phone: (512) 402-2749

fax: (737) 237-5657

email: DrZNutrition@gmail.com


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Catherine Winslow, BAAS, CA


Certified Professional Aromatherapist

phone: (512) 574-2729

email: welltogethercw@gmail.com


Client's personal experiences here at CRIM

I’ve never felt that I could recommend an entire staff but I can @ Cancer Rehab. I first used Geri for oncology massage after my chemo treatments. Geri helped me ease my overall body aches & pains & particularly helped my chemo damaged feet. After 5 unsuccessful surgeries, I returned to Cancer Rehab where Dr. Angela Wicker-Ramos has been compassionately & relentlessly helping me regain the use of both of my arms & address the many restrictions in my body due to excessive scar tissue. She is a bad ass in the best way. And last but not least there’s Agnes Nowakowski , Acupuncturist & Dr of Oriental Medicine, who has opened my eyes. In about 6 weeks, Agnes has almost entirely eliminated the effects of chemo induced neuropathy in my foot, reduced my pain, and reduced my stress. They are each impeccably educated & conduct their work @ the highest possible standard.”
— CRA Client