A diagnosis of cancer can impact a person in many ways. Counseling can help with the emotional part of healing.

Counseling can help you to cope better with the many difficulties you face, during and after your cancer diagnosis and treatment. It can help reduce the stress you face and improve your quality of life.

Counseling services can assist:

  • Mindfulness Coaching

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Pain and Illness

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss

  • Existential Support

  • Fatigue

  • PTSD (associated with illness and pain)

  • Death and Dying

Meet Our Counselors


Emily Schottman OD, FCOVD, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

About Emily:

I am a mom, cancer-survivor, marriage-warrior & nerdy brain researcher. None of these things I have done on my own, so I am a big believer in your healing connections to others. I am honored to work with cancer survivors, caretakers and partners offering traditional “talk” therapy and evidence-based mind-body, aka visual-somatic or psychoneuroimmunology techniques (learn more at Sometimes our 1:1 work may include a warm welcome to your partner, family member or friend to better understand the ways that you can create positive change outside the counseling room.

I hold a Doctorate in Optometry (1996, Southern California), a Masters in Counseling (2014, St Edward’s University) and a Bachelors in Psychology (1992, UC Santa Barbara). I have done my own work in two very different careers, so you can benefit from my medical problem-solving mind & my ability to be fully present and empathetic with your ongoing cancer hassles (lions),  ruminating thoughts (tigers), worries for recurrence (bears)...Oh My!

Beginning with Hospice volunteer work in 2001, I have been inspired by many clients and my own Myeloma journey, including stem cell transplant in 2011. I am interested in who you are beyond your fear that you “may have caused your cancer” and the meaningful lessons that can come from growing beyond your “new normal.” I help clients find clarity, balance and success in their lives including career change, improved life-work balance and staying well. I look forward to what we can do together for your unique goals.

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    • You can always email me with questions, too! (email is often faster than phone messaging :))

“The hardest part of cancer for me is the emotional and mental parts, which directly impact my physical health. Learning to understand my experiences and coordinate with awesome holistic providers has made my life more meaningful, which is my goal for you.

You are not alone. You are not a failure. Your story is worth telling and I am listening.”

Emily Schottman, OD, FCOVD, LPC

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Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, C-IAYT, CGP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About Kelly:

Kelly Inselmann has integrated the practices of psychotherapy and kundalini yoga through her clinical social work for 20 years. She is a Certified Group Psychotherapist and has extensive training in addressing trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Kelly is certified at the highest level as a kundalini yoga teacher (500 hours) and is a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT).

Kelly is the co-founder of the Yoga and Talk® Therapy model and has offered groups and workshops since 2002. She recently launched the innovative JoyBoots Sanctuary: An Online Weekly LIVE Connection for Cancer Survivors. Currently, she is collaborating on a research study with the University of Texas School of Nursing to measure the impact of meditation on cognitive function in breast cancer survivors.   

Kelly is an 11 year cancer survivor and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter.

More information at:

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6 Week Yoga and Talk® Therapy Group for Cancer Survivors 
Thursdays noon-2pm

Begins April 4-May 9, 2019

Contact Kelly at to get on the waiting list.

JoyBoots Sanctuary: Weekly Online LIVE Connection: 

$27/month for online community which includes 4 weekly LIVE groups from the convenience of home (30-45 minutes each-recording available if you miss). Pilot program March-May. Join anytime.